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Jasmine|15|Just another sims lover, here I share my lovely / crazy addiction Don't be shy and talk to me, I follow all simblrs back and thank you for stopping by <3

Heinrich: You ever seen your mother? 

Quora: Every night.  

Heinrich: No, I mean in a human form… like you? 

Quora: I don’t know if it is possible..why you’re asking this? 

Heinrich: I wonder if she looks like you.. and you wouldn’t have to .. go live with her there, would? 

Quora: If I would, it wouldn’t be me but would be Quentin.. but he’s going to be a dad, so I just hope she doesn’t take him from his family.  

Heinrich: I guess..she wouldn’t do this with them. 

Quora: So you want me to live there? Years and years distant? 

Heinrich: No way!

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