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Hey you can call me cherry, just a crazy simmer here.Don't be shy just say hi! :P thank you for stopping by XP

Ohhh they grow up so fast *-*

Great!Why this is so familiar??? 

OMG!!!Trying not to freak here!! 

This is Nathan and he is writing a love letter, and that’s Luna, his daughter and she thinks he’s WAY too old to do something like that XP 

OMG!I’ve just lost all my saves, everything :(

Look at what Quora have found at the garden XD

So I’ve been off in a long “while”, but I’ll come back bitches :P I’m missing you guys sooo much :(

Gunna start to build a new house, I’m feeling inspired yay lol

Are you scared? Snowball will not hurt you.

How do you know his name?

I just know..Woo it looks like he liked you!


Bang Bang Bang - Outfit for AY-Adult

A request made by eadan C:
the bottom of the pants has an animation problem (only the normal version).
The suspenders aren’t properly painted, I’m sorry, it’s a little tricky to match them .____.

Enjoy it! C:

  • 1 presest (4 color channels)
  • Fully morphs supported
  • Base Game compatible
  • Only for Male YA-Adult



♥ v1 (Normal)
Mediafire | Package | Sims3pack |
Dropbox   | Package | Sims3pack |

♥ v2 (Skinny) (recommended)
Mediafire | Package | Sims3pack |
Dropbox   | Package | Sims3pack |

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Heinrich: You ever seen your mother? 

Quora: Every night.  

Heinrich: No, I mean in a human form… like you? 

Quora: I don’t know if it is possible..why you’re asking this? 

Heinrich: I wonder if she looks like you.. and you wouldn’t have to .. go live with her there, would? 

Quora: If I would, it wouldn’t be me but would be Quentin.. but he’s going to be a dad, so I just hope she doesn’t take him from his family.  

Heinrich: I guess..she wouldn’t do this with them. 

Quora: So you want me to live there? Years and years distant? 

Heinrich: No way!

Look who waken.. 

That’s why someone had the genius idea to invade a mansion’s basement at 3 Am, to catch wine..  

But we do not invade technically, I just didn’t want to call Franz asking keys, by the way good slippers.

Hahaha, good afternoon cat eater. 

I told I never ate no.. 

I know silly!


Hey my babies! How are you today? Hope you’re be fine! xD

After a tiresome week of school and course of japonese, I decided make my Eyes N4 for you! It’s a simple circle lens default (natural circle lens) and I hope you like it! :3

Avaliable for: Teen/YA/Adult/Elder

Custom Launcher and CAS thumbnail.

You know the rules…:

~ if you want to indicate my creation in your site, please give the credits and link me

~ don’t put the circle lens to non-default

~ have a happy simming! xD 


(/◑ω◐)/ hugs&kisses \(◑ω◐\)

Heinrich: You are perfect? 

Quora: Pardon? 

Heinrich: I’m asking if you’re perfect? 

Quora: Um, no and I’m thankful for this. 

Heinrich: Interesting..but why? 

Quora: It makes me “more” human. I have choices, at least I hope. Oh and this pizza is so yummy!