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Jasmine|15|Just another sims lover, here I share my lovely / crazy addiction Don't be shy and talk to me, I follow all simblrs back and thank you for stopping by <3

So I’ve been off in a long “while”, but I’ll come back bitches :P I’m missing you guys sooo much :(

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Gunna start to build a new house, I’m feeling inspired yay lol

Are you scared? Snowball will not hurt you.

How do you know his name?

I just know..Woo it looks like he liked you!


Bang Bang Bang - Outfit for AY-Adult

A request made by eadan C:
the bottom of the pants has an animation problem (only the normal version).
The suspenders aren’t properly painted, I’m sorry, it’s a little tricky to match them .____.

Enjoy it! C:

  • 1 presest (4 color channels)
  • Fully morphs supported
  • Base Game compatible
  • Only for Male YA-Adult



♥ v1 (Normal)
Mediafire | Package | Sims3pack |
Dropbox   | Package | Sims3pack |

♥ v2 (Skinny) (recommended)
Mediafire | Package | Sims3pack |
Dropbox   | Package | Sims3pack |

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Heinrich: You ever seen your mother? 

Quora: Every night.  

Heinrich: No, I mean in a human form… like you? 

Quora: I don’t know if it is possible..why you’re asking this? 

Heinrich: I wonder if she looks like you.. and you wouldn’t have to .. go live with her there, would? 

Quora: If I would, it wouldn’t be me but would be Quentin.. but he’s going to be a dad, so I just hope she doesn’t take him from his family.  

Heinrich: I guess..she wouldn’t do this with them. 

Quora: So you want me to live there? Years and years distant? 

Heinrich: No way!

Look who waken.. 

That’s why someone had the genius idea to invade a mansion’s basement at 3 Am, to catch wine..  

But we do not invade technically, I just didn’t want to call Franz asking keys, by the way good slippers.

Hahaha, good afternoon cat eater. 

I told I never ate no.. 

I know silly!


Hey my babies! How are you today? Hope you’re be fine! xD

After a tiresome week of school and course of japonese, I decided make my Eyes N4 for you! It’s a simple circle lens default (natural circle lens) and I hope you like it! :3

Avaliable for: Teen/YA/Adult/Elder

Custom Launcher and CAS thumbnail.

You know the rules…:

~ if you want to indicate my creation in your site, please give the credits and link me

~ don’t put the circle lens to non-default

~ have a happy simming! xD 


(/◑ω◐)/ hugs&kisses \(◑ω◐\)

Heinrich: You are perfect? 
Quora: Pardon? 
Heinrich: I&#8217;m asking if you&#8217;re perfect? 
Quora: Um, no and I&#8217;m thankful for this. 
Heinrich: Interesting..but why? 
Quora: It makes me &#8220;more&#8221; human. I have choices, at least I hope. Oh and this pizza is so yummy! 

Heinrich: You are perfect? 

Quora: Pardon? 

Heinrich: I’m asking if you’re perfect? 

Quora: Um, no and I’m thankful for this. 

Heinrich: Interesting..but why? 

Quora: It makes me “more” human. I have choices, at least I hope. Oh and this pizza is so yummy! 

I wish ts3 had the interaction “say I love you” it would be really cute, hope they add something like this in ts4 ^^





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Because what’s more fun than getting messy with some paint? I mean just look at my girls being all happy about it.

I personally really like how these came out! The white one has one recolorable channel, the multicolored none. Only for female YA-A, might make more in the future for kids and such!

Classified as socks, so of course you can use them with clothes on lol. These pics were just to show them better.

TOU: Why do I even bother with these anymore. Just don’t claim as your own and give credit where it’s necessary, ok?

I really hope you enjoy them in game! I think they’re a lot of fun, especially for photoshoots.

DOWNLOAD [dropbox] .package & .sims3pack

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OMGOMGOMG! Your werewolf is very sexy, I hadn't seen one sexy WW before :O And his gilr is very sexy too ;) I hope you read this and Have a nice day!

from davidmont

I’m really glad you like them ^^’ and thank you very much <3 *hugs*